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Animal Welfare

shutterstock_563645068_AnimalWelfare_optimized.jpgRichard has been a trusted advocate throughout his career, fighting hard to prevent animal cruelty and abuse:

  • Richard’s bill, AB 1788, was just signed into law by Governor Newsom. It bans the use of the most toxic rodenticides (rat poisons)—ones that harm mountain lions, other precious wildlife, and pets.
  • Richard penned the Orca Welfare and Safety Act (originally AB 2140) which finally became law after a two-year process. It prevents the breeding and theatrical performance of captive orcas in California—abusive practices that inflict immeasurable cruelty on these social mammals.
  • Through legislation and advocacy, Richard has been instrumental in making the Liberty Wildlife Corridor project a reality. When built, it will connect the Santa Monica Mountains and Simi Hills, giving wildlife a safe passage across the eight-lane 101 Freeway—thereby helping protect the wellbeing and genetic integrity of these native species.
  • Richard is working to modernize animal blood banking in California. Currently, veterinarians are only allowed to use animal blood from closed colonies—a system that encourages inhumane confinement and farming of donor animals while also creating supply issues that can prevent animal patients from receiving necessary treatment. Richard’s bill, AB 1953, will allow the collection of animal blood on a community-based, voluntary basis.