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Climate & Environment

shutterstock_426505726_Climate_optimized.jpgRichard has long been a champion of the environment, aggressively pushing legislation to protect our air and waterways from pollutants—and he’s led California’s struggle against climate change. As Chair of the Assembly’s Budget Sub-Committee on Natural Resources, Climate Crisis, Energy and Transportation, he’s directed billions of dollars in Cap and Trade and other funds toward solving these problems.

  • After a long struggle against industry, his landmark bill banning plastic microbeads in personal-care products (AB 888), has become law. These tiny particles aren’t biodegradable and end up in our food chain. Banning them protects our rivers, lakes, and oceans from a major pollutant, and keeps these plastic beads out of the fish we eat.
  • Richard has helped establish the most stringent protections in the country against the dangers of hydraulic fracking, and he’s pushed for improved rail safety and oil-spill response preparedness in light of the exponential growth of oil imports by rail.
  • Too many Americans—especially in disadvantaged communities—don’t have access to safe, clean, affordable drinking water. Through AB 134, Richard has helped establish a fund to ensure this basic right for nearly a million Californians.
  • Richard’s bill, AB 1788, was just signed into law by Governor Newsom. It bans the use of the most toxic rodenticides (rat poisons)—ones that harm mountain lions, other precious wildlife, and pets.