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shutterstock_666257095_Health_optimized.jpgCOVD-19 is the greatest public-health crisis we’ve recently faced. But there are many other challenges, and Richard has been tackling them head-on for years:

  • Soda and overconsumption of sugar play a big role in obesity and diabetes—afflictions which disproportionately impact low-income communities and communities of color. Richard has been working for years to create the “Healthy California Fund” that would provide badly needed resources for preventative health programs throughout the state. This is not yet law, but the work continues.
  • Flavored tobacco products are marketed like candy in order to appeal to children—getting them hooked at an early age. Richard and Senator Hill have put a stop to this insidious practice with their bill, SB 793, which bans such products.
  • Incredibly, some insurance companies don’t cover hearing aids for children —putting a cruel burden on low- and middle-income families. The insurance companies need to correct this injustice. In the meantime, Richard is proud to have pushed through a solution to help these families: California will now fund hearing aids for children whose insurance doesn’t cover them.
  • COVID-19 has exacerbated our shortage of medical professionals—so Richard has enacted legislation to cut bureaucratic hurdles so hospitals can hire top doctors from foreign countries who have the expertise we need. When a doctor saves your life, her country of origin doesn’t matter.