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shutterstock_184903457_Homelessness_optimized.jpgHomelessness is a complex problem with many causes—job loss, mental illness, substance abuse, domestic abuse, and, critically, lack of economic opportunity and affordable housing.

It’s clear we need to do more to match the severity of this problem. Time and again, L.A. County residents have voted to put their tax dollars toward real, lasting solutions to this humanitarian crisis. We’re spending money to face this challenge, but more and more people are falling into homelessness—and too many will never get out of that cycle.

Richard has made progress getting Californians off the streets through meaningful policy:

  • His bill, AB 1766, became law last year. It helps County officials get people with severe mental illness—those who’d otherwise be homeless—the housing and the care they need.
  • Because of Richard’s bills, AB 801 and 806, the State must now provide academic and financial support for certain homeless and at-risk students attending public state schools. This is a great investment, because one of the best ways to prevent homelessness is giving young people the tools they need to make a living.