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Housing Affordability

shutterstock_1639896217_HousingAffordability_optimized.jpgThe cost of living has become a crushing burden for many Californians—especially poor and working-class families. It’s a major factor in our state’s catastrophic homelessness crisis—and it’s also a threat to the long-term health of California’s economy and an obstacle to achieving our sustainability goals. Richard has been tackling this problem from multiple angles:

  • He’s brought protections to renters—by closing loopholes in the Ellis Act that allowed unreasonable rent increases and evictions (AB 1399).
  • He’s pushed to exempt affordable-housing projects from some taxes to incentivize builders and prevent excess costs from being passed on to renters (AB 1766).
  • He reformed California’s Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) regulations, empowering families to create affordable living situations in their own backyards (AB 229 and 881).
  • He co-authored AB 3088 with Assemblymember Chiu, helping to stave off potentially millions of pandemic-related evictions—especially of low-income renters—and the buy-out of local, small landlords by corporate big banks.