My essay on our postal service voter nullification crisis...

My essay on our postal service voter nullification crisis...


In recent days, the President has gleefully admitted to deliberately sabotaging the United States Postal Service for the express purpose of undermining our democracy. In the meantime, Trump’s USPS appointees have outrageously refused to use available funding while simultaneously claiming that they can’t process mail ballots on time, all the while removing mailboxes, sorting machines and other equipment.


The disruption caused by this attack is also causing people to get medications delivered late, paychecks, notifications and Social Security checks go missing, and correspondences with loved ones fail to reach their destinations.


Simply put, this blatant abuse of power is a real and present threat to the integrity of our upcoming elections. In their acknowledged efforts to throw the election, the Administration seeks to nullify as many voters as possible. When Jake Tapper accurately told right wing Freedom Caucus member and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, Meadows replied vapidly “There is no evidence that there’s not, either.”

While Meadows and Trump’s recently appointed Postmaster General have now said they will pause the further removal of sorting machines, this is a transparent and weak attempt at damage control in the face of deep public opposition. It is abundantly clear it is up to us – and our representatives in Congress – to hold Trump and his cronies accountable. They must also re-install the machines and mailboxes already removed and take immediate action to implement measures that facilitate voting by mail for all Americans.

A great Patriot and our country's first Postmaster General, Benjamin Franklin, famously replied to the question: “What do we have, a republic or a monarchy” by saying “A Republic, if we can keep it.” The USPS is vital to our Republic's survival and Trump’s attacks cannot go unanswered.

You can join the fight to preserve the postal service. Click here for information and template letters Even the simple act of buying stamps is an act of rebellion against this authoritarian attempt to further erode our democracy.

Former Obama campaign consultant, David Plouffe has suggested actions for Congress that include hearings and subpoenas. He asks Governors to engage by, for example, highlighting individuals who are getting their prescriptions late.

I will continue to work with our congressional and senate leaders to push back against Trump's barrage of reckless power grabs. As Plouffe puts it: “No rest, no vacation. Go to war for our country.”

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