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By now, you are used to emails from Richard talking about the campaign and the good work he has done. All those things are true and worthy of your consideration. But, I believe it is Richard's integrity and compassion that set him apart. 

Richard and I married in 1980.  He was a young attorney.  Over 30 years later, he is now ready to help lead our District and State.RobbieandRichard.jpeg

Most people are familiar with Richard’s work as Santa Monica’s Mayor and know that he has worked hard to make our local public schools some of the best in the State. He and I were the beneficiaries of a great public education at Fairfax High School and we both wanted that for our children.  So, it was no surprise that our two children attended Santa Monica public schools and we both became school volunteers. Richard was a PTA Vice President and youth sports coach.

Many of Richard’s supporters point to the fact that he helped boost the city’s funding partnership with education from $2.25 million to over $14.5 million. Few are aware that he has been instrumental in focusing a total of $34 million per year on children and has overseen the building of new libraries and parks. He has improved and expanded afterschool programs, Boys and Girls Clubs and many other programs that serve the needs of children.

Our public education system and the children of our state are suffering from repeated budget cutbacks and bad decisions. When elected to the Assembly, Richard will make the children of our state a priority just as he has in our local community.

Richard needs your support. 

Richard’s opponent relies on funds from special interests in Sacramento. 

Richard is relying on you.  

Please contribute now.

The election is on November 6. There is no time to lose.

Thank you for your support.


P.S. To learn more about Santa Monica's schools, read this article.  It notes, "Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District students beat state and county scores in a battery of statewide standardized tests last school year, as well as their own past performance." 


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