_DS25223.jpgRichard Bloom has a distinguished record on LGBT Rights and a commitment to being a strong advocate for the community when he is elected.

• City of Santa Monica (led by Richard) joined Amicus Brief in important DOMA challenge (Golinski v. Office of Personnel Management)

• Was one of the founding members of the “Freedom to Marry” initiative; a group of Mayors from across the nation advocating for marriage equality.

• Passed into law Santa Monica’s “Equal Benefits” ordinance. The ordinance requires any employer doing business with city of Santa Monica to provide same benefits to same sex couples as it does opposite sex coupled.

• Represented same sex couples while a Family Law attorney.
“Richard Bloom has been a major supporter of Common Ground, our AIDS service organization. And by support I am referring to Richard’s steadfast commitment to allowing all voices to be heard and to be given consideration – to be made a part of the process. His leadership has allowed us to pursue our mission in the face of many who were not comfortable with the “type” of people we serve. Richard has my steadfast support for all he has done for the gay community and for those living with HIV on the Westside."
- Jeff Goodman
Executive Director, Common Ground* for identification purposes only

 "I know Richard personally and know him as a man of integrity who is committed to EQUALITY, the LGBT Community and to people living with HIV/AIDS." - Vince Roncone- Supporter & LGBT Community Advocate

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